School and Library Visits

“A fascinating insight into the process of writing a novel… Pupils had a really valuable experience.” – Diane Midghall, St. Richards Catholic College, Bexhill

“Jenny’s visit to our school was a delight. Jenny fascinated and enthused the students when talking about the process of writing and what happens to the brain when you read. She has become somewhat of a celebrity figure in our school and the prospect of completing a workshop with Jenny has inspired students to become writers themselves.” – Kevin Hatchard, Heathfield Community College

‘Jenny has been to our school many times now and every visit has been a great success! The students always respond really well to her warmth and enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy the excellent creative writing workshops that she delivers. We are very much looking forward to having her back for World Book Day this year.’ – Sophie Quinnell – Hillview School, Kent

I would love to visit your school or library to talk about the magic of reading and writing.

My author talks are inspiring and fun and my workshops encourage confidence and creativity.

Before I became a writer I was a teacher and I know how important it is to make an author visit count.

Visits usually include a one hour talk to a group of students and a book signing.  Additional workshops can also be arranged for groups up to 30 students.

All visits can be arranged by Authors Aloud UK.

Follow the link to enquire about arranging a visit. I look forward to hearing from you!



  1. Hi Jenny, Students from year 8 at our school, along with students from two other local schools are nearing the end of our Gr8 Book Debate. This is an interschool reading group, where 10 students from each participating school, read and review 5 books. At the Finale we look forward to a heated debate full of passion and opinion about the books. Stargazing for Beginners is one of the 5 books and I wondered whether you would be prepared to send our participants a message of encouragement to share with them on the day. We are happy to accept replies to this message, email messages, You Tube clips…we are flexible! The Finale is being held on Wednesday 11 July and I will of course let you know the result.

    I read Stargazers last Friday in one sitting. It wasn’t an all night-er. More of an all morning-er. It’s a long time since that has happened with a book. I was hooked from page 1 and had to find out what happened. Although we haven’t had the vote yet, the students at our school have LOVED Stargazers and we now have all of your books in the LRC. Result all round.

    Yours book-ishly,
    Sarah Day

    1. Hi Sarah – how exciting! I’d love to send a message and how lovely to hear that you enjoyed the book. It really means a lot when I hear this! I’m chuffed to bits that your students are enjoying my books so much. Jennyxx

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I am a year 4 teacher and my class have been so inspired by The Land of Roar that they have written to you. I now have 27 letters and a promise to keep! Is there an address I could forward them to please?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Debbie I would love to read your letters. I think if I reply here my address will be public. Could you DM me either on Twitter or Instagram? Or you could send an enquiry on my school visit page and that way I would have you email address. Many thanks, Jenny

  3. Hi Jenny,
    My year 5 class had the task of selecting a new class novel. We started with 32 books and after reading many different blurbs and opening chapters we now have a winner…The land of roar! My class are bursting with questions for you. Would you mind answering a few? It would make their day!

    1. Well I am honoured, Claire! Please thank your year 5 class and I hope they enjoy their journey to Roar. I would love to send them a letter and answer any questions they have. The easiest way to answer the questions is on Twitter – do you use it? Otherwise, would you be able to send me an email via the School Visits page on this website and then we can stay in touch that way. Wow…. no. 1 out of 32 books… I’m absolutely thrilled!!

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