Dead Good Detectives

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Sid Jones loves hanging out in the graveyard with her best friend Zen – they are desperate to see a real-life ghost!

But when Sid accidentally summons a 300-year-old pirate from the dead, it opens the door to the HALFWAY HOUSE – a magical inn FULL of lost souls from across the ages, all trapped there by a sinister landlord.

There are more ghosts that Sid could ever have imagined – and they’re all sure Sid is there to save them! (Sid’s sure there’s been some kind of mistake.)

But someone else is watching, and they’re not happy about Sid helping the ghosts . . . TICK, TOCK – TIME IS RUNNING OUT

Another epic adventure series from the author of the Land of Roar, with magic, peril, pirates, lots of laughs and LOADS of ghosts!


“If you like ghost stories that do not keep you awake at night, this is a great choice. The story is funny and warm, and not being afraid to be different. Lively and engaging, if readers are kept awake by this, it will only be for the pleasure of finishing it.” – Sunday Times

‘Spooktacular fun! Funny, exciting, epic – I loved it!’
Sam Copeland, bestselling author

‘This is totally and utterly brilliant. Can’t put it down!’
Emma Carroll, bestselling author

‘I know Jenny’s gazillions of fans are going to LOVE this piratey, ghosty adventure. You’ll be sucked in from the first page. If you haven’t already, you should buy a copy immediately!’ Jennifer Killick, author of Crater Lake and Dread Wood.

Beautifully illustrated throughout by Chloe Dominique.