About Me


I have always loved reading and I studied English at university just so that I could read a bit more.  Next I found my way into secondary teaching and discovered that I loved it too: I got to read more books, show off and hang out with very funny teenagers.  What a great job!

Teaching English also encouraged me to write.  Soon I had planned and started lots of different stories, but they were all abandoned and shoved to the back of a drawer.  Then, one day, the plot for Flirty Dancing came together; Bea’s story was so alive it was like a film running in my head and I knew it was a story I would finish.

Over the next few years, various exciting events distracted me from Flirty Dancing: I got married, travelled the world, was chased by an angry elephant (and a pack of dogs) and I had two babies.  While I was sitting on trains, swimming in the Outback and raising two crazy girls, I kept thinking about Bea, and her friends, Betty, Kat and Pearl, until I realised I had planned three more books.

In 2013, after attending the Winchester Writers’ Festival, I plucked up the courage to send Flirty Dancing to Julia Churchill, a brilliant children’s fiction agent at A.M. Heath.  With dazzling speed I was then signed by Bloomsbury to write the four books in the series.


  1. Hey jenny ik am 11 years old my little brother is doing a presentation about lan of roar it’s his favorite book! xx Eva ❤️

    1. Hi Eva – that’s so great to hear. Thank you for letting me know! Please say hello to your little brother from me. It always makes my day when I hear that Roar has made someone happy. xx Jenny

  2. Hi Ms. Mclachlan,

    I’m Emil Ostrovski, a 5th grade teacher in San Diego, California. I read my students The Land of Roar as a read-aloud during the first part of the school year, and they really loved the story, so much so that we got them copies of Return to Roar as a holiday present. I was wondering if you might be interested in visiting the class via Zoom; they would be very excited to hear from you.

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