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I have always loved reading and I studied English at university just so that I could read a bit more.  Next I found my way into secondary teaching and discovered that I loved it too: I got to read more books, show off and hang out with very funny teenagers.  What a great job!

Teaching English also encouraged me to write.  Soon I had planned and started lots of different stories, but they were all abandoned and shoved to the back of a drawer.  Then, one day, the plot for Flirty Dancing came together; Bea’s story was so alive it was like a film running in my head and I knew it was a story I would finish.

Over the next few years, various exciting events distracted me from Flirty Dancing: I got married, travelled the world, was chased by an angry elephant (and a pack of dogs) and I had two babies.  While I was sitting on trains, swimming in the Outback and raising two crazy girls, I kept thinking about Bea, and her friends, Betty, Kat and Pearl, until I realised I had planned three more books.

In 2013, after attending the Winchester Writers’ Festival, I plucked up the courage to send Flirty Dancing to Julia Churchill, a brilliant children’s fiction agent at A.M. Heath.  With dazzling speed I was then signed by Bloomsbury to write the four books in the series.


  1. Hey Jenny !
    I’m 13 years old and from germany, and in my german class I’m going to do a presentation about your book “Flirty Dancing” , and I really liked reading it !
    Greetings, xx

    1. Hi Amy
      How lovely to hear from you and how amazing to think that you read Flirty Dancing in Germany! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed it: I loved writing it, particularly as the main character, Bea, is very similar to me when I was at school. I wanted to write about someone who was very shy because that was what I was like and I found it very frustrating! I’ve changed quite dramatically since then and I think that now I’m a bit more like Betty!
      I was particularly pleased that Flirty Dancing was translated into German because I was born in Germany (in Lindau) and have spent many lovely holidays there and in Berlin. One of my most vivid childhood memories was going to kinderfest and dressing up in a dirndl and making a flower garland. I remember that we were given some tokens to spend at the fair afterwards, but my mum said I wasn’t allowed to get a gingerbread heart unless I promised not to eat it. She said it was too pretty to eat and I would have to hang it on the wall. Looking back, I can now see she just didn’t want me to eat an enormous biscuit smothered in icing, but next time in Germany I am going to buy one and eat it!!
      I hope your presentation goes well. It is the sort of thing Bea would dread, but I’m sure you will do a fantastic job of it!
      Love Jenny xxx

      1. Dear Jenny,
        I just wanted to thank you for your reply, I was very exited when I saw it ! Right now I’m working on my presentation, and I’m super thankful for the extra information you gave me in your answer ! Thank you very much for your nice words , and think I’m similar to bea , too (at the moment).
        Best wishes

  2. Hi jenny!
    I am a big fan from your book “flyrity dancing” and from you.I am 12 jears old an in my class i pressent the book “flyrity dancing”it’s my favourite book.thany you for the book.I am very happy

    1. Hi Hila – what a lovely message! Thank you. I’m so pleased that FLIRTY DANCING made you happy – that was my hope when I wrote it! I hope your presentation goes well (I’ll be thinking of you!) Let me know if it was a success. Lots of love, Jenny xx

      1. Hi Patience – I’m not I’m afraid, but I’ve often thought about it. I’d love to see what happens to Kat and Leo and have often thought about it! Maybe one day… x Jenny

  3. hi Jenny,
    I am a very big fan of yours, I am reading ‘Flirty Dancing’ and so far it is fantastic and at school I am doing presentation about your fabulous book and thank you for letting all of us to read your fabulous and I have got my friend into that book and she loves it and again I would like to say a VERY big thank you P.S I live in Cleethorpes, England xx

    1. Hi Megan
      What a lovely message. Thank you! I’ll have to try and do some school visits up in Cleethorpes some time. I absolutely loved writing Flirty Dancing. Because I write in the first person it always feels like it’s happening to me which is really fun. I hope that you (and your friends!) experience Bea’s story in that way too – like you are right there with her. Thank you for doing your presentation on my book. It makes a massive difference when readers do things like this. I’ll give you a couple of facts that I’m not sure anyone else knows so you can put them in your presentation. Originally I called Pearl ‘Coral’ (for some reason she needed a seasidey name!) and Ollie was called ‘Sam’. If you want to read more about the girls, my next book, Love Bomb, is all about Betty, but Ollie, Bea, Emma, Pearl and Kat are all in it too. Thank you again for getting in touch! xxxJenny

    1. Hi Merna Sorry about the late reply – somehow I missed your message – but I’m so pleased that I finally saw it! I hope you get to read book two – Love Bomb -some time. xx Jenny

  4. Hi jenny im one of your biggest fans I love your books and I’m trying to find out things about you I would be so thankful if you replied
    Lots of love

    1. Hi Shannon
      What lovely news – I’m so pleased that you like my books! I’m really enjoying writing my 5th book right now, so much so that this evening I just can’t stop. My husband has put the TV on to make a point that it’s time for me to put my laptop away! I’m happy to answer any questions you have about writing and my books. I have a real fondness for my characters – in my head they seem like real people, almost like friends, so I love talking to readers who see them in the same way. Thank you for getting in touch and ask any questions you have. You can also ask me questions on my Facebook page. xx Jenny

  5. Hi Jenny,
    I read the whole “lady-bird” series.
    Personally my favourite is ‘Sunkissed’. I have only 3 words to describe it ” It was Awesome! “💜💜💜💜💕
    I never read such a hilarious and wonderful book!
    I finished the book within two days!
    I am eagerly waiting to check Pearl’s Story!
    And I want to whole-heartedly thank you for creating such beautiful works!


    1. Hi Debasmita I just realised that you’ve already answered the question I asked in my other message! I’m so glad that Sunkissed gripped you and that you enjoyed it so much…really that’s all I wanted to do when I became a writer! Thank you again for the lovely comments. Pearl’s book is out in March and I’m already working on a fifth book. This one is about a girl who is obsessed with space!! xx Jenny

  6. Dear Jenny
    Just finished ‘Sunkissed’.
    That book is just simply awesome.
    I really love it!!!!!
    Good Job Jenny!
    I am really looking forward to checking out Pearl’s adventure!

    With love,

    1. Hello! Thank you for your lovely message. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Sunkissed. I absolutely loved writing it and I felt a bit like I was on the island with Kat even though I wrote it in the winter! I really hope you enjoy my next book. Have you read Flirty Dancing and Love Bomb? xx Jenny

  7. Hello Jenny, I am attending the Writers and Artists event this month and have chosen your writing workshop. I was wondering, if at any point at this event, if I could interview you briefly about how you broke into the writing industry and what tips you could provide to aspiring authors out there; this is for my university project and this would really help me out.
    I am looking forward to meeting you, thank you!

    Antalia x

    1. Hi Antalia It will be great to see you at the event – I think it’s going to be a really fun day. Yes, I’m sure there will be time for an interview and I’d love to help you with your project. I’m looking forward to hearing about it. See you soon! x Jenny

      1. Hi Antalia – I’ve just seen this message. So sorry I haven’t replied earlier. I can’t do it today, but I will get on to it over the weekend. How has your week gone? Got any writing done?? xx Jen

      2. That’s okay, ah thank you – any time you can soon would be perfect! Thank you 🙂 I’ve had a good week thank you, been busy with uni and yes I have been busy writing away! (I’ve looked over my novel) and have been in and out of my new idea 🙂 how is reaching your deadline looking? X x

      3. Hi Antalia Here are my responses. Hope they are OK. xx Jenny

        What inspired you to write?
        My memories of being a teenager, the students I taught and my own daughters. I really wanted to write a book that might reassure them when they were teenagers!

        – How did you manage to break into the industry?
        My big break was going to Winchester Writers’ Festival where I heard the agent Julia Churchill talk. I also got very positive feedback on my book that day which gave me the confidence to approach Julia. Julia was the first agent I sent my book to and she accepted it so I found it relatively easy to get my book published – it took me a long time to write though!

        – Is networking an important aspect of being a writer?
        Yes I think it is. It’s hard to get published and then I’d say it’s just as hard to try to become established. You need all the support you can get.

        – Would you recommend any creative writing courses to take?
        I didn’t do any creative writing courses, but I would recommend all the Writers and Artists Yearbook courses. They are very dedicated to helping writers and provided genuinely useful events – plus you get to visit Bloomsbury, always a lovely experience!

        – Is it important to have a literary agent?
        For me, it was essential. My agent negotiated a contract that has allowed me to write fulltime. I know that if I hadn’t had an agent I would not have been able to do that and I’d still be teaching and writing at the same time.

        – What advice would you give other aspiring authors?
        I think that it’s important to know what your competition is and to read a lot of books in your chosen genre, particularly successful ones. It’s also important to be able to step back and look at your writing through the eyes of a reader….and don’t give up!

  8. Hi Jenny!

    We are all in year seven and we go to school in Warrington – we love your books. We are all reading ‘Flirty Dancing’ together and we think that Bea is just like us! We would like to know what inspired you to start writing books? We have ordered the rest of the books in the series and we can’t wait to start reading them!

    Please keep writing your amazing books!

    Year seven girls at BCA 🙂 ❤ x

    1. Wow, what a lovely message -it’s made my day! I’m so pleased that you have enjoyed Flirty Dancing it it was great to hear that you identify with Bea because this is one of the reasons I wrote the book – Bea was like me when I was a teenager – very shy! – and I really needed to read a book about a girl who has the confidence and bravery to be herself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the books – Bea is in all of them and there’s a bit of Emma and Ollie in Love Bomb too. Let me know what you think as it’s so wonderful for me to hear from real readers!! xx Jenny PS If any of you are on Instagram you can follow me on JennyMcLachlan_writer

  9. Hi Jenny,

    I’m Lauren. You met me on World Book Day at my secondary school (where you used to work)! I’ve read Pearl’s book in 6 days and I loved the twist…didn’t see it coming!!! I don’t know how you’re going to do another for the Ladybirds cause there’s no more Ladybird characters. You are a FAB writer and I honestly can’t wait a whole year for the next book. Please write another one as I am dying to know more. If you are allowed to give me any clues as to who the next one is about, then please do!! It was nice meeting you again and I’m hoping to see you next year!
    Lauren x

    1. Hi Lauren
      Thank you for this lovely comment. This is the first feedback I’ve had from a teenager about Star Struck so it means a lot to me! I remember meeting you, by the way! I’m working on a book right now all about a girl who is obsessed with space and secretly wants to be an astronaut… Hopefully meet you again at UCTC. xx Jenny

      1. hi may name is C
        i am writing to you to tell you how fantastic Flirty Dancing the book is and how i love it.
        I have to congratulate you for this book and that you keep your success all your life and that you write Flirty Dancing 2.
        your are a great writer and thank you again.

      2. Hi C! Sorry it’s taken me a few days to reply to your comment. Somehow I missed it! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Flirty Dancing and thank you for getting in touch. It means a lot to me when I hear from readers like you. I hope you read the sequel, Love Bomb. This is Betty’s story, but Ollie and Bea are in it and they’re still jiving! X Jenny

  10. hi jenny , i read flirty dancing on holiday and it was AMAZING , and now i am half way through love bomb and i can’t wait to see what is going to happen, you are an amazing writer and your front covers are awesome to!!!!

    1. Hi Lizzie – I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Flirty Dancing so much – I think it’s a good book to read on holiday…but I might be a bit biased!! I hope you’re enjoying Love Bomb. It’s a book that’s really close to my heart – a lot of the things that happened to the mum when she was a teenager happened to me, including the taking the rock home from the beach story! I’m so pleased you like the covers – me too! xx Jenny
      PS I love the name ‘Lizzie’. I’ve got two daughters and if I’d had a third she’d have been Lizzie – I’m sure I’ll use it in a book soon. xx

  11. Hi Jenny, my name is Rylee and I’m from Seton college in Westen Australia. I’ve recently started reading your book “Love Bomb” so far I’ve really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read other books of yours. Your a really good writer and once I finish this book I will swap it with my friend for Sunkissed.. CANT WAIT.

    1. Hi Rylee
      Thank you for that lovely message all the way from Australia! You’re very lucky living there. I’ve not visited the West of Australia, but I’m definitely planning to come back with my family. I absolutely LOVE Australia and had an amazing time going round the East coast in a campervan with my husband. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying Love Bomb. I think it’s my favourite of the four books (am I supposed to admit that??), but I did love writing Sunkissed too because it’s real escapism. I hope you do swap with your friend – great idea. Let me know what you think of Sunkissed. xxx Jenny

  12. Hi Jenny,
    My name is Ana from seton collage Western Australia, and yes I am rylee’s friend. I have been reading “sun kissed” and I’m almost frinished I really enjoyed it so far. (it’s been one of the funniest books I’ve read) I can’t wait to Swap “love bomb” with rylee. I usually don’t enjoy reading or I find it hard to find a book I like but I really been enjoying your books…keep up the good writing!!!

    1. Hi Ana
      I love having a message from friends! I hope you enjoy the end of Sunkissed – it still makes me seriously happy to read it!! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed the book even though you don’t usually like reading. This is just why I wanted to write the series. I wanted anyone to be able to pick up my books and start turning the pages straight away so it was great to hear that it worked for you. By the way, I based Strala (the island in Sunkissed) on a real island called Grinda. Maybe one day you and Rylee can go on a European trip and visit it – recreate a bit of Sunkissed! Keep reading and enjoy your beautiful country. xx Jenny

  13. Hi Jenny,

    This is Lauren again. I’ve been sorting out all my books at home and I’m so frustrated! For some reason, I believe I don’t have Sun Kissed. Is there any possibility that next World Book Day, could you bring a copy for me? Otherwise, the series would be incomplete; I don’t want it to be like that.
    Looking forward to seeing you and your new book next year. NEVER STOP WRITING!!!!!

    Many Hugs
    Lauren .H. 😉

  14. Hi Jenny,
    My aunt is friends with you and she gave me a signed copy of you book for my birthday. At first I steered clear of it, mainly because of the title because I don’t really like love books I’m more of a fantasy and sci-fi kind of girl. I started reading your first book, flirty dancing, the other day—I now totally regret not reading it sooner—I am only on about chapter 5 but I am already knee deep in your new and exciting series. In my book you have written: “I hope this book makes you happy” and that is certainly what it has done!

    1. Hi Daisy I’m so glad that you gave it a go and I’m thrilled that you are enjoying it so much and that it has made you happy! You must tell me who your aunt is. Did I work with her at UCTC? I love sci-fi too and I’ve had this idea for a sci-fi book ticking away in my head…actually, I’ve also had an idea for a fantasy book too. There are so many books I want to write! My next book that is coming out is about a girl who loves science and wants to be an astronaut. It’s a science-rom-com! Keep reading and keep in touch. xxJenny PS I remember writing the message on your book…I just can’t remember who your aunt is!!

  15. Hi Daisy so you’re Pauline’s neice – she’s lovely so lucky you!! Here are my answer to your questions:
    1) I love that you are like Bus Kelly and it’s a very good thing – it means that you love life and say what you think – two very important qualities!! I’m not planning to write a book about Bus Kelly, but to be honest I never thought of it until I got your message so maybe you’ve given me an idea…!
    2) I was EXACTLY like you when I was a teenager and never, ever would have gone up to someone and just started talking to them. I’d have liked to have been like Nanna too, but did you notice that Nanna just said whatever she wanted to Kat and it all worked out fine, in fact, Kat was happy to have someone talk to her. I guess this message is coming too late (sorry – I was on holiday too!) but I would go over to the girl and say, ‘Hi, do you want to (insert logical suggestion here – go swimming, go for a walk, get some icecream?)’ The absolute worse that could happen would be her saying, ‘Er, no,’ …and even that wouldn’t be that bad, would it? And if she was the sort of person who would say that then you wouldn’t want to hang out with her anyway so good job you found out quickly! Also, I find it helps just to get your shyness out there – eg Hi, I’m really shy, so sorry if I sound weird etc etc. Chances are she’ll be shy too – isn’t almost everyone?? Anyway, hope you are having an awesome summer and I’m really pleased you liked the end of Star Struck. Congratulations on seeing it coming because loads of people didn’t so you must be a very perceptive person! xx Jenny

  16. hi jenny!
    i am always hated to read a book, but after i readin your book “sun kissed” i am being to like to read a book. i LOVE your book “sunkissed” and i am going to have a conversation with my teacher and write a book review and it’s something i want to ask and the question is could you write litle more about you and little about the book ” SUN KISSED” like where it was published and when it been published or the date of published

    1. Hi Lilly I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed Sunkissed and that it’s got you reading. I hope you try the other books in the series. They’re all like Sunkissed – funny, easy to read, romantic. Sunkissed was published by Bloomsbury on 13th August 2015. I based it on a holiday I went on in Sweden. I’ve also visited the island I based Strala on in the book, but in reality it’s called Grinda. It’s even got a floating sauna, just like in the book, but I never visited it. I think Sunkissed was one of the books I most enjoyed writing. I loved describing the islands, swimming at night, diving into the pools. I wish everything that happened to Kat in the book happened to me when I was 15!! Anyway, I’m so pleased that you liked it, loads and loads of love to you and keep reading!! xxxx Jenny

  17. Hello,

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    Or if you’d just be interested in donating! http://bit.ly/2FrjRpg We really need donations since we are only 1/10 of the way to our goal. Thank you!

    Agha Haider
    Literacy Initiative
    Executive Director
    E: agha.haider@literacy-initiative.org
    P: (636) 891-4531

    1. Hi Agha – sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I have been neglecting an email address and today I found a load of messages waiting for me. It sounds like a very interesting initiative. I’m sorry that I missed the deadline for the photo, but do let me know if you have anything else you would like me to get involved with. xx Jenny

  18. Hi Jenny i am marilyn from a small country named Malta. I really enjoyed reading sunkissed. I can’t wait to get my hands on the other 3 books. xxxx

    1. Hi Marilyn I’ve never been lucky enough to visit Malta but I’d love to. Thank you for your message and I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Sunkissed. I loved writing it – in fact, I think it was my happiest book to write, especially as it involved a trip to Sweden. I hope you manage to read the 3 other books, and in the UK I have 2 others published too. I love getting a message from a Marilyn. I love your name and almost called my first daughter Marilyn… xxxx

  19. Hello Jenny! I loved your book ‘stargazing for beginners’ it is now one of my favourites! I was really sad when it ended as it was such a mesmerising story, and I loved how you finished it; I was really hoping Meg and Ed would get together. I writing to ask if you could please write a second book and start a series and maybe explain Meg’s adventures in Houston! Please consider my request!

    1. Hi sorry for the VERY late reply. I did that thing where I liked your comment on my phone then thought, I must reply when I’m on my laptop…and forgot! It was wonderful to hear from you and to know that you enjoyed Stargazing for Beginners. I would love to write a second book, but at the moment I’m working on something else. I will certainly keep your idea in mind…you never know!! xx Jenny

  20. Hello Jenny!

    My name is Joly(not my real name but it is the one I feel good about) and I’m a 13 year old portuguese.
    This week I’m going to do a presentation for my french class about your book “Sun Kissed” (I REALLY LOVED THE BOOK, spent an entire night in blanck, reading it, because I just couldn’t sleep until I knew the end!)
    I can’t wait to read another of your books.

    P.S.: Sorry if there’s any grammar errors 😦


    1. Hi Joly – I think it’s a great name. I can see why you like it. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Sunkissed and are doing a presentation on it. Please say bonjour to your French class and I hope you do read my other books. I loved writing it and based Strala on a real island I visited in Sweden. Thank you again for the ❤️❤️❤️message xxx Jenny ps your grammar is excellent!

  21. Hi Jenny, I’ve recently just read your book love bomb and I’ve fallen in love with everything about it, I am desperate to share my idea of making it into a movie, I would actually do anything to have it on TV and be able to see my favourite book come to life, what do you think?

    1. Hi I’ve imagined this lots of times myself, although I think this is probably something all authors do! I’d love to see Betty and Bill on the screen and I’m very touched that you feel the same way. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen one day! xx

  22. Hi, Jenny. Recently I found your one of your books in the library, it’s called ‘Star Struck’. At first I thought it was some same old boy/girl high school drama but when I read the summary I got suspicious so I decided to borrow the book and I had finished it in two days. I was shocked because I’ve never expected the story to be actually about two girls falling in love while I might have suspected it in the first place. I love how Pearl and Hoshi interaction sort of fell into the trope of ‘enemies to friends to lovers’ (I know, I know, Hoshi was never hostile against Pearl but from Pearl POV they fit the trope lol) Thank you for writing this amazing story, I cried when I read the part where Pearl and Hoshi finally kissing. I was wondering if we could have a sequel about them? Maybe about them going to college? Honestly I’m dying to know how Pearl’s mother is gonna sort out the Alfie situation and whether Pearl is really gonna leave her family? The book just left so many possibility! It would be awesome if you chose to continue Pearl’s story. Cheers!

    1. Hi Jo – what an awesome message for me to receive and I’m so pleased that Star Struck took you by surprise and that it struck a chord. My daughter has recently read all my books and it’s her favourite. If I’m totally honest, it’s probably mine as too. I love Pearl and Hoshi!! I would love to write a sequel but at the moment I’m busy writing a fantasy book. I will tell you how I originally planned for the book to end. Pearl was going to go to Japan and be picked up in a Limo at the airport and whisked to one of Hohsi’s gigs, and Hoshi would sing just for her. Afterwards they would go and walk in the cherry blossom. No one else knows this, so now you know the ‘secret’ ending. xx

  23. Hi Jenny. Recently you visited my school and I bought your book Flirty Dancing. You signed it and put ‘lovely to meet you, keep reading’ and that’s what I did! I enjoyed it so much and could sort of relate with Bea as I love dancing and took part in a dance competition with my school this year too. Now I have started reading Love Bomb and can’t wait to see what happens!

    1. How great to hear from you and I’m so pleased you could relate to Bea. I hope you enjoy Love Bomb. It was one of my favourite books to write and Bollie appear of course! xxx

  24. Hi Jenny. My granddaughter Delilah is reading Ambassador at her school. She absolutely loved The Land of Roar and is anxious to know if you are planning on writing a sequel. She figures that “it’s up there with Harry Potter”. From Delilah there could be no greater compliment. Congratulations on a wonderful book. Very best wishes, Papa Bill

    1. Hi Papa Bill
      What a lovely message to receive. Thank you for getting in touch and telling me how much Delilah enjoyed Roar. Please tell her I’m thrilled that she likes it (and I’m chuffed to bit with the Harry Potter comparison!!) And, good news, Delilah, there is more Roar to come. I’m writing the sequel right now and there is going to be a book 3. Best wishes to you and Delilah! Jenny

      1. Thank you Jenny for your reply. Delilah’s mum will show her your message later today. She will be thrilled both with your response and in the knowledge that she will be returning to ROAR for another adventure. Very best wishes, Papa Bill

  25. I have a question about your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you send me a email so I can ask away?

    Thank you

  26. Hi Jenny,
    I’m hoping to feature your book “The Land of Roar” in the launch box of my business “Bring A Book To Life”. Would it be ok to email you details? If so please respond to my email address and I can fill you in!
    Many thanks
    Kate Andrews

  27. Hi Jenny, I’ve read your book of “Star Gazing for Beginners”, omg it was so nice to read, I felt as if I was suffering everything Meg had to go through. I just hope that you make a second part, because I would love to know what happens with Meg and Ed’s relationship, and her experience in Houston.


    1. Hi Ainhoa
      I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I think I must have missed your lovely comment. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Stargazing for Beginners. It means a lot to me, especially as you identified with Meg. I know what you mean about Meg and Ed and Houston… I have a few ideas about what happens next, but they are just in my head! Thank you again for getting in touch. I loved reading your message. xx Jenny

  28. Hi Jenny, I thought what is my daughter-in-law thinking? A book for my birthday? The Land of Roar? Doesn’t she realise that I’m way past my pension age? I read the inscription she’s inserted…”…we share a mutual love of arts and literature…and would like this book…”
    So after three months I pick it up. I’m running out of books to read with this Covid-19 thing. I start to read and still not really convinced but then, like a shout from your Arthur or the burning breath from the Bad Dragon, it’s hit me and then I’m hooked.
    It’s a lovely adventure and well done you! Thank goodness imagination never peters out, it may wane but certainly never disappears entirely. To me, I have to be able to see pictures in my mind inspired by what I’m reading and like watching a film, and boy – they got stronger as the story unfolded.
    I look forward to reading more of your works, once I’ve finished my next Clive Cussler novel, another author I’m mad about. Thank you Jenny and thank you Ale (my d-i-l). Tony

    1. Hi Tony – what a fantastic message to receive! Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the power of the imagination and the importance of stories, and I’m so pleased that Roar struck a chord with you. When I write I want readers to be able to escape to another world and to go on a thrilling adventure; I think it’s wonderful that you and your DIL (hi Ale!) share a passion for reading and books. Hooray for stories and family! Best wishes, Jenny

  29. Hello Jenny,
    I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVED Truly Wildly Deeply, it is an amazing book! Just for the info, I’m 11 (almost 12) and I live in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, we don’t have the translated version here yet, but the fact that it was in English really improved my English skills and even tho I struggled to understand some of the phrases, I still really enjoyed it! I love the fact that even tho Annie and Fab have such a different personalities and come from very different backgrounds, they still put energy into their relationship and still have the passion, fun and yet understand each other!
    I will definitely order some more of your books 🙂


    1. Hi Evelina how lovely of you to get in touch with me! I think it’s amazing that you read Truly Wildly Deeply in English – reading a book in another language is something I couldn’t begin to do; what a great way to improve your language skills and learn a few unusual phrases too! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I’ve been writing a lot recently and my children are at home because of the lockdown so it’s been difficult to keep up with things. I hope you are well and maybe you will read some of my other teen books. Sunkissed would be perfect at this time of the year. Take care xx Jenny

  30. Hi Jenny,
    I wanted to let you know that during lockdown I’ve set myself a reading challenge to read as many books as I can and Land of Roar has been my favourite out of all 13 books that I’ve read so far!! I’ve pre-ordered the next one and can’t wait to get it! I was soooooo excited to see that there will be a series of them, do you know how many there will be?! I’m going to read all of the series as they come out!!!!
    Esme – age 10

    1. Wow, Esme, that is such a lovely message to receive! Thank you for taking the time to let me know and congratulations on reading an amazing 13 books so far during lockdown. You’re definitely beating me! I hope you enjoy Return to Roar… not long now! Arthur and Rose are ready to visit Roar again, and I’m very excited to think that you’ll be going back to Roar too. I hope you enjoy it. xx Jenny

  31. Hello Jenny ,
    I really love the book Flirty dancing , it is my absolute favorite book in the whole world , along with Stargazing for beginners.
    At the moment , I am in Ringmer Kings Academy and I am doing a research project on this book . I have a few questions about both Flirty Dancing and Stargazing for Beginners .I would like to know if you will do another stargazing for beginners book as I would really like to know what happens to Meganara and Ed. For Flirty Dancing , I would really like to know who inspired you Emma as she is very cheeky ( a bit like my little sister ) but very sweet. I was also wondering what school you went to and if it was that school you based Bea’s school on as it sounds very familiar . I would love to be an author so do you have any tips? If I can’t be an author I will be an English teacher . I was wondering if you would ever come back to my school again as I missed you last year and then I missed you going to the primary school .

    Thank you so much ,
    From Abi x

    1. Hi Abi – thank you so much for taking the time to write to me, and I’m so pleased that you’ve enjoyed reading my books. I’m going to answer all your questions. I’m afraid I’m not planning a sequel for Stargazing although I’d quite like to write it because I really want to know what happens to Meg and Ed too! I have got a bit of an idea in my head… Bea’s sister, Emma is based on my sister Julia (when she was little – she’s all grown up now!) and also a bit on my two children. My little sister is 6 years younger than me so I can remember just what it was like to have a much younger sister. She did lots of the things Emma did. She put a Barbie in my brother’s school bag and I can remember her pretending to be a cat. She wasn’t as bitey as Emma though! The school in all 6 of my teen books is based on a mixture of my old school in Eastbourne – Cavendish, Uckfield College where I used to work and also I’ve used my imagination. It is quite like Ringmer too, isn’t it? I’d love to visit again and hopefully I will be back soon. Make sure you come and find me and say, ‘Hi I’m Abi!!’ xx Jenny

  32. Hi

    I have a question regarding your book I believe I should not post in public. Could you please send me an email so I can ask away?

  33. Hello Jenny,

    I’m Kiki from the Netherlands.
    I’m going to tell something about a book in the class, what you have written.
    I also have to tell something about the writer of the book. I have found a lot of things about you but i can’t find you age.
    How old are you? Can you tell something fun about yourself?

    Thanx for you help.


  34. To Jenny,

    I love your book, The Land Of Roar so I read it again recently and picked up a mistake! At the very last sentence for page 275 it says exactly this: “I thought Mum…” (next page) and then starts again with “We collect…” so on so on. What did I miss? At least it wasn’t in a dramatic part of the book! *phew* Or was it? Did I miss something funny or exciting? I still haven’t read your second book. I’m waiting for it to be available at the library.
    Thank you

  35. Hi Jenny
    I am really loving your books especially ‘The Land of Roar’ and ‘Return to Roar’ which is what i am reading back now. I am 12 years old and I love these books so much and the adventure …. do you ever think these will be turned into a movie? Please say yes. Thank you Andy.

  36. HI JENNY
    I really like the Land of Roar and Return to Roar, I’m reading Return to Roar now .I am 7 years old and I am writing a poem about you can you tell me some interesting facts about you’r self ? Thank you Katy.

    1. How exciting! Katy, no one has ever written a poem about me before. I’m chuffed to bits and also pleased that you enjoyed Roar. Here are some facts about me- I have no middle name, I’ve held a baby penguin, I had two rats called Alice and Mabel (I love rats!). I’m a cereal addict and I love the smell of mint. I’ve been chased by an elephant called Boy. When I was little I’m sure I flew down the stairs. I love miniature worlds – maps, model villages, dolls houses. Are these inserting facts? I hope so! Xx

      1. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for your interesting facts today. It was amazing to hear from you.I have sent my Acrostic poem made about you to your Facebook. Thank you Katy xxx

  37. Hi Jenny,
    I read ur books a couple of years ago, i am now 17 and i think i might read them all again. i loved every book so much, especially sunkissed, i read it in 1 day. Have you ever thought about doing a second book? Kat is so relatable and made a big impact on me. she is such a great role model for young people. Best wishes izzy :))

    1. Hi Izzy that’s so lovely to hear. Funnily enough I was thinking about the girls from my teen books today. They’re still as alive in my head today as they were when I first wrote the books. I’ve never read any of my books once they’ve been published – I know them so well that I don’t really need to – except for Sunkissed. I love it too! Anyway, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed them so much. It means a lot to me. Thanks again for getting in touch xx Jenny
      PS Maybe I will write about Kat again one day. I’d love to find out what she’s up to now . . . and Leo of course!

      1. Hi Jenny,
        Thank you for replying, you should definitely revisit Kat and Leo. I am re-reading Sunkissed and I love it just as much as I did when I first read it. Have you ever thought of revisiting any of the other ladybird books. Izzy :)))

  38. Dear Mrs. McLachlan, I am Jody, a 9 year old boy from Germany. I’m just reading your book: Arthur and the Terrible Scheuch. And I would like to give a presentation on this book in class. Since there is very little to read about you, I thought I’d ask you some information here. For example, your year of birth, place of residence …. I would be very happy to receive an answer. Jody

  39. Hi Jenny,
    I am currently reading star struck and I absolutely love it. I’m 13 in December and hope to be getting a whole collection of your books for my birthday x thank you so much for writing such a great book
    Love Conni

    1. Hi Conni I’m so pleased that you like Star Struck! I’ve such happy memories of writing that book. I love Meg!! Also, I hope you do get the rest of my books for your birthday (happy birthday in December by the way!) because they share lots of similarities with Star Struck – romance, comedy, best friends, adventure. Let me know what you think and thank you for getting in touch. It means a lot to me. xx Jenny

  40. Hi Jenny,
    I am 9 years old and currently reading your book “The Land of Roar” in class. I think this is a great book and it has inspired me to write my own book called “The Land of Mystery” . Which features Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Ursula and Maleficent. I have really enjoyed using my imagination to create
    this story.
    Thank you
    From Eva

    1. Hi Eva, I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying reading The Land of Roar – that makes me very happy, and thank you for taking the time to send me a message. The Land of Mystery sounds very intriguing and I love the thought of being able to meet some of my favourite fictional characters, all in one place. I’d like to visit it! Keep writing and letting your imagination run wild. Maybe one day I’ll be reading a copy of The land of Mystery! xx Jenny

  41. Hello Jenny, My name is Boris, I am 8 years old. I am going to give a presentation of your book for my class. Therefore, I would like to know your age and if you ever won any prices for your books. I really hope that you will read this and respond to me.
    Kind regards, Boris Hagestein

    1. Hi Boris, that’s great to hear! I’m 44 years old and I’ve won the Dudley Children’s Book award and another one, but I can’t remember what it is! I hope your presentation goes well. I’m just wondering from your surname if you live in Germany? If so, you might like to know that I was born in Germany – in Lindau – and spent many lovely holidays there. I think this is where I get my love for swimming in lakes (Mitch’s lagoon) and mountains. Best wishes, Jenny

  42. Hi I’m Joanie and I’m 9 years old. I love your Land of Roar idea. When I grow up I want to be an author illustrator. I love to run around in my on little world of adventure and happiness. I call it Myth. I would love to have some hot tips for my future career in writing books. You are an amazing author and I can’t wait for the next book to come out. You helped inspire me to write and read your amazing books.
    P.S if I could get your address to write a letter to you that would be amazing!
    From your greatest fan Joanie

    1. Hi Joanie, first, can I say that I love your name. Right, now let’s get on to the important stuff. You have exactly the same dream that I had when I was younger! I’m still working on the illustrator part of the plan and I haven’t given up yet. Myth sounds amazing and you should definitely try writing about it or drawing it. Have you?? My top tips would be to read lots and spend as much time possible nurturing your imagination: play, draw, day dream. I spent hours and hours making maps, dolls houses, puppets etc when I was little. You can write to me via my publishers at Farshore Books. I’d love to have a letter from you and keep visiting Myth! xx Jenny

  43. Hello Jenny, i read your books about “the Land of Roar” they are amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on the the third book of the series!
    thanks for taking your own time to rite these amazing books! Ps. My favourite character is Wininga! he just cracks me up!

  44. Hi Jenny, my name is Indie and i am turning twelve in two months, I absolutely LOVE your series ” the Land of Roar” they hook me in and they are my favourite books. I can’t wait to get my hands on the third one of the series! Thanks for giving your time to write these amazing books! Ps. my favourite character is Wininja he just cracks me up!

    from Indie.xx

    1. Hi Indie
      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch – I’m so happy that you like my Land of Roar books! I love Win too, and he might be my favourite character (don’t tell the others or they will get jealous!) x Jenny

  45. Hi Jenny,
    My name is Maria João and i am from Portugal. I am doing a work for portuguese about your book “stargazing for beginners”. He is incredible and full of truth and I felt like I was the character. Keep making books like this. I love you

    1. Hi Maria I’m not sure if I ever replied to your message – if I didn’t – sorry! It makes me so happy to hear that Stargazing for Beginners has made you happy! That’s why I write books so it was lovely to hear that you’ve enjoyed it so much. Lots of love, Jenny xx

  46. Dear Jenny, I have read your book ‘het land van Raas’ just because my name is Raas. For primary school I have to make a book report and I need some information which I couldn’t find online. if possible could you share with me your residence and date of birth?
    With best wishes from Raas (Zaandam, The Netherlands)

    1. Hi Raas – how great that your name and my book’s name match! I live in a seaside town on the south coast of England and I was born in 1976 which sound like a very long time ago! One of the reasons I like writing books for children is that I can clearly remember being very young. In fact, I think I can remember being 8 more clearly than I can remember being 30. When I was younger I loved playing imaginary games – dressing up, playing with Lego and Playmobil, drawing, making dens. I think that writing is a very like playing only now I use words to make up stories instead of toys. Do you write stories at school in Zaandam? xx Jenny

      1. Dear Jenny, Thank you for your comment. I can now continue and finish my book report. I liked your book ‘Het land van raas’ so much I bought the second version too: ‘Terug naar Raas’.
        For my primary school in Zaandam I had to write a book. The book is called ‘the adventures of Raas’. it’s about an astronaut (Raas) who is going to discover a new planet. On the planet he finds all kinds of strange creatures that have an oxygen problem and he decides to help them.
        Best wishes from The Netherlands

      2. Hi Raas – I love the sound of your book! I’m a big fan of science fiction and would love to write one some day. Keep writing – it sounds like you have great ideas. Maybe one day I’ll be able to read The Adventures of Raas’! xx Jenny

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