Love Bomb

new love bombLOVE BOMB:

Betty Plum has never been in love. She’s never even kissed a boy. But when H.O.T. Toby starts school it’s like Betty has been hit with a thousand of Cupid’s arrows. It’s like a bomb has exploded – a love bomb!

More than ever Betty wishes her mum hadn’t died when Betty was a baby. She really needs her mum here to ask her advice. And that’s when she finds hidden letters for just these moments. Letters about what your first kiss should feel like and what real love is all about .

Is Betty ready to fall in love? Will she finally have her first kiss?

Love Bomb follows Flirty Dancing as the second book in the Ladybirds series and is published by Bloomsbury in the UK and Commonwealth.

Buy it now from Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith, Foyles and Bloomsbury.

Reviews of Love Bomb:

“Laugh out loud escapades and moments of poignancy…the sort of series you would want your about-to-be teenage daughter to read.”  The Teacher

“Perfect for young teens” School Library Journal

“A lovely coming of age experience” Kirkus 

“I am not ashamed to say that I bawled my eyes out”

“Behind this hilarious, nice girl hides a sadness that leaps off the pages and touches your heart.   I loved this book”  Yolanda Sfetsos

“Sweet, funny and mighty enough to blast you through the ceiling. Plus, you’ll love Betty. What can we say? It’s the bomb.”

“brilliant, funny, in fact, laugh out loud” Armadillo Children’s Magazine

Love Bomb is a book the 13-year-old me would have loved and passed onto all my friends. It’s light, funny and a really easy read but, most importantly, it has real warmth and heart.” We Love This Book

“I loved Love Bomb – and I may just have found myself a new favourite Young Adult author.” Reviewed The Book

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