We all know fairies. They’re sweet and sparkly and lovely. Right?

WRONG! Meet Stink. Stink is the rudest, naughtiest fairy there’s ever been. Instead of sparkles, Stink makes mess. Instead of being kind, Stink plays pranks. She also eats woodlice and rides on rats.

From the moment Stink flies out of the fairy door and attaches herself to his hair, Danny knows that Stink is trouble. She needs his help to do a good deed and win her silver wings – and Danny will do anything to get Stink to go back to fairyland. But can Stink ever be good?

A laugh out loud adventure featuring the world’s worst fairy, multiple multi-coloured foxes and loads of troll poo.

“A brilliant laugh-out-loud tale of magic spells and naughty fairies!” Joseph Coelho, Waterstones Children’s Laureate

‘I LOVED this. I was hooked by the hilarious voice from the opening page, and cry-laughed more than once. Utterly brilliant.’
Joanna Nadin, bestselling author of The Worst Class in the World series.

‘So funny, so much fun! I loved it.’
Sam Copeland, bestselling author.

‘It’s brilliant! If I didn’t love STINK as much as I do, I’d be very jealous. But it’s brilliant!’
Maz Evans, bestselling author of Who Let the Gods Out series.

‘Sweet fairy nuggets, this smells like a winner! Jenny McLachlan has knocked it out of the park with Stink; genuinely funny, brilliant characters, and a finale so good that I had to stand up & do a little round of applause afterwards. Watch out, this book is monstrously magical.’
Jack Meggitt-Phillips, author of The Beast and the Bethany series

‘Instantly loving this! So much fun but hang on, who knew Jenny McLachlan was such a talented illustrator as well as author? The woman cannot be stopped.’
Jo Simmons

Stink is published by Farshore on March 16th.

Order now from Waterstones, Bookshop, Amazon, WHSmith and Blackwells.


  1. Any guidance as to the age range of children who would enjoy having it read to them please? My 6 year old grandson loved having the Harry Potter books being read to him – would he like this do you think?

    1. Hi if your grandson enjoyed Harry Potter being read to him then I think he would enjoy The Land of Roar. It’s recommended for ages 8-12, but my daughter enjoyed it being read to her when she was seven. It has a some scary scarecrows in it, but nothing compared to the Death Eaters! The two main characters are eleven years old. I hope this helps.

  2. Dear Ms. McLachlan, I loved your book. I like the inspirational sentences like: to dream what you want to dream. Write so more. Best wishes. Scarlett Amsterdam NL

    1. Hi Scarlett I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I’ve got a big behind with my messages recently because my children are at home and it gets hard to write at the same time! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed my book and took inspiration from it. It means a lot to me. Have you read my other teen books? You might like Sunkissed right now. It’s a good book for the summer. Take care, xx Jenny

  3. Hello Jenny, What an amazing adventure. We have just finished Return to Roar having borrowed The Land of Roar from the library during lockdown and preordered your new book as soon as we finished the first. My 6 & 4 year olds absolutely love the series (as do their parents and grandparents who have all had the pleasure of reading chapters) and we can’t wait until #3! My 4 year old puts a deep voice on all through the day and pretends to be Croaky, haha! I thought they might be a bit scared of the scarecrow army and croaky but they have been captivated and have lost themselves in the wonderful world of roar. Thanks for writing such fun stories.

    1. Hi Kate, thank you for leaving such a lovely message. I’m absolutely thrilled that your 6 & 4 year olds (AND grandparents!!) have enjoyed the Roar books so much. You’ll be pleased to know that I’m busy editing book 3 right now – at least I should be! It’s brilliant that they read them with their grandparents because – as you could probably tell – the book is all about how wonderful grandparents are. Mine certainly inspired Grandad! I fear slightly for your youngest’s voice – Crowky is a challenging one to sustain – but I love the idea of a 4 year old going around talking with a sinister voice! When I’ve read it to my children I’ve begun reading Crowky with a full on croak, but had to give up after a few sentences! Thank you again for such a kind letter and Roar 3 is coming soon – please reassure your children that lots of wildly adventurous things are going to happen to Rose and Arthur!

  4. Dear Jenny, I have really enjoyed your books. I am so excited about the Land of Roar 3, I think it will be amazing and it’s at the top of my Christmas list.

    I enjoyed being scared by Crowky, he was so wicked. I really like Rose and Arthur, they’re so brave. I liked the bit where they had to rescue Rose from the wolves, it made me feel like I was there and I was terrified but glad it worked out in the end. Win is one of my favourite characters because he is so funny.

    Thanks you for writing these books, I want to be a writer like you when I grow up.

  5. Hi I have loved all of your books and I am wondering if there is a Land of Road 4 coming out. I have loved the whole series and if there is a land of roar 4 I would be over the moon.

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