What inspired you to write your books?

Can you tell us a bit more about each of the Ladybirds?

Which of your characters do you most relate to?

Tell us 5 fun facts about yourself!


I was also interviewed by the lovely people at www.hive.co.uk.  Here’s the result!

Tell us about the girls from Flirty Dancing.  What we can expect over the four books in the Ladybird series?


Which of the four characters of Bea, Betty, Kat and Pearl do you consider the most autobiographical?


Which authors did you read when you were a child and how do you feel they have influenced you as a writer now?





  1. Hi jenny. I’m in year 7 and I’m at presdales and just wanted to say thank you for your lovely afternoon today. I really enjoyed it and loved hearing all about the making of your books. You’ve really inspired me to be a writer and try hard. Thank you for signing my book(your book) I got home and haven’t stopped reading flirty dancing and am already on page 207. I can’t wait for your next book and would love to see you again in the future xxx I would love it if you would text me back X

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for sending me a message. I had a brilliant time at Presdales, and guess what? Today I was telling my lovely sister-in-law all about my visit and she told me that she went to Presdales! I’m so pleased that you are writing: creating stories is one of the most exciting things you can do (trust me, it’s even more exciting than being chased by an elephant!) I’m sure I’m going to visit your school again so we’ll meet than (maybe you could show me what you’ve written?) Also, congrats on your super fast reading: I hope you like the ending! Let me know!
      Love Jennyxxxx

  2. Hello Jenny,
    In Love Bomb, I’m curious about the nicknames “Plumface”, “Bumface” and “Mumface”. I would like to know why you chose them and what they mean exactly. Thank you very much for your answer.

    1. Hi Guie I think that I got these names because – rather rudely – the name ‘Bumface’ has always made me laugh because it’s so silly. When I had a baby, I sometimes got called ‘Mumface’ by my husband and when I decided Betty’s surname should be ‘Plum’ I realised I had names for all of the family. I think that Betty and her mum and dad would have had a very happy time together before her mum got ill and made a home full of laughter which is why they had silly nicknames for each other. Also, I wanted to suggest that Betty got her sense of humour partly from her mum, even though she didn’t grow up with her. I hope this answers your question! xx Jenny

  3. Hi Jenny,
    In Love Bomb, I’m curious about the nicknames Plumface, Bumface and Mumface. I would like to know why you chose them and what they mean. Thank you very much for your answer.
    Yours sincerely,

  4. Hello Jenny.
    I’m Patricia and I’m twelve years old. I’m from Portugal.
    I read two of your books and I loved them because they are the only ones who realize what teenage girls think about …everything! First, I read Flirty Dancing in one night because I couldn’t stop reading and next I read Love Bomb. I’m also going to buy Sun Kissed.
    I’m a little desperate because I want to read all your books but I can’t read in English, so I would appreciate it if you can tell me when are the rest of them be edited in Portuguese.
    Yours sincerely,
    Patricia Rodrigues Mendonça.

    1. Hi Patricia
      Thank you for the lovely message. It’s exciting to think of you reading my books in Portuguese and that you like them so much. I’m afraid I don’t know when Star Struck is going to be published in Portugal, but I really hope it is as Pearl’s story is exciting and I want you to read it! It might be worth getting in touch with the Portuguese publishers and asking them. Let me know how you get on. xx Jenny

  5. Hi, my name is Ursula. I have recently read your book ‘Stargazing for Beginners’ and I loved it. I think it was very interesting and made me find a new passsion for space. I have a few questions and I was wondering if you could answer them. How did you come up with the title? Do you have a passion for space? Were any of the characters based off of real people? What gave you the inspiration to form Meg and Eds relationship?.

    Yours Sincirly Ursula.

    1. Hi Ursula – sorry it’s taken me a while to reply! I didn’t realise my messages were going to my old email. What a lovely message and I’m so pleased you enjoyed Stargazing for Beginners. I do have a passion for space, and it got even bigger when I was planning the book as I got to meet lots of people who know a lot about it. If I could turn back time, I would definitely think about studying physics, although I’m not sure my maths would be good enough – Meg is better than me at maths! My characters are often inspired on students I taught, although none are based on any. Sometimes I taught students who were in totally different social groups, just miles apart, but I thought they would get on well if only they spoke to each other. I guess by writing the book I made this thought come true. Writing is really magical – you can make anything happen! Best wishes, Jenny xx

  6. Hi Jenny,

    It is my best friend’s 18th birthday in a few months and I want to give her a special present. I was wondering if I sent a postcard, if you would be able to sign it and send it back so that I can give it to her on her birthday (she loves your books- especially Sunkissed!).It would mean a lot to her!

    Thank you! 🙂

    1. Hi Ceri of course. To save you sending something to me, why don’t you let me know your address and I’ll send one of my post cards to you. Would that be OK? x Jen (or I could send a birthday card, which would you prefer?? )

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