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Nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2019
Winner of the Dudley Children’s Book Award 2018
Annie is starting college and she can’t wait for the adventure to begin.
No more being told what to do. No more rules. No more labels.
As a teenager with cerebral palsy, independence matters more than anything to Annie. The last thing she’s looking for is romance.
Fab is starting college too.
He’s wild and energetic and he believes that the greatest adventure in life is falling in love.  He’s left his home in Poland and he feels adrift in the world. The one thing he’s looking for is romance.
What will happen when Fab and Annie meet?
Will either of them find what they are truly looking for?

Praise for Truly, Wildly, Deeply:
“In contemporary fiction, Jenny McLachlan is a consistently wise, warm voice and Truly, Wildly, Deeply is no exception…McLachlan, with her enviable comic timing, reminds me of the wonderful Louise Rennison.”  Fiona Noble, The Observer
“A sparky, funny romance by one of our best writers for teens” Books For Keeps
“A goodly dollop of wisdom wrapped up in a wit that is generously funny” The Bookbag
“Simply the most excellent comedic young adult author I’ve ever seen…Jenny McLachlan is in a league of her own” Diva Book Nerd
“If you haven’t read it yet you desperately need to find a copy so you can meet Annie and Fab.” The Overflowing Library

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